1.       Work done at owners’ risk. Ubombo Taxidermy cannot be held responsible in case of loss or damage to specimen due to power or refrigeration failure, fire, work stoppage, strike, theft, act of God, or any cause whatsoever.

2.       We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% on all work handed in at our premises.

We require full payment on completion of order. Interest equal to banking rates will be charged on outstanding accounts.

3.       We are not liable for any damage or hair slip since hair slip occur mainly due to poor and negligent field preparation  and due to the fact that animals (trophies) are not skinned timely and salted properly and treated against bug infection with an appropriate bug poison such as Karba dip (dust) which would keep bugs away.

4.       All trophies unclaimed, articles will be sold after 3 (three) months if no arrangement has being made regarding settlement.